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Maine people across the state are already experiencing the impacts of climate change on our environment, our economy, and our health. Overwhelmingly, we recognize the need to take action, and know the benefits that reducing carbon pollution can provide to all Mainers.  You can get involved by supporting one of NRCM's top priority bills this session.

Please join me on Wednesday March 13 at 10:00 a.m. in Augusta for a public hearing on L.D. 797, "An Act to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Effectively Use Maine's Natural Resources."

This bill would:

  • Require 80% carbon pollution reduction in Maine by 2050, in line with where scientists say we need to be to reduce the greatest harms of climate change. (It also requires Maine's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to set interim targets for 2030 and 2040.)
  • Establish an inclusive stakeholder process to develop a new climate action plan for Maine with cost-effective strategies that benefit all Mainers.
  • Encourage the use of natural solutions that can capture carbon in our forests and soils, such as sustainable agricultural practices.


In order to minimize the negative impacts that worsening climate change could have on our environment, our fisheries, our health, our economy, and even our national security, we need clear pollution targets, and comprehensive plan to meet them.

We invite you to be part of the diverse voices from all walks of life and from across Maine telling lawmakers that now is the time for action. We must be deliberative and effective, and we must act now.

Will you be able to make it on Wednesday, March 13th to tell state legislators why you care about climate change and urge them to take action and pass LD 797?

This hearing will take place in Room 216 of the Cross Building next to the Maine State House. If you can make it, or if you have questions, please reach out to me at Sophie@nrcm.org.


Sophie Janeway
NRCM Climate and Clean Energy Outreach Coordinator

Support NRCM's climate and clean energy work.

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